Binterhof for a first class farm holiday in South Tyrol

Discover pure pleasure and fun at our BIO farm: assist actively with the barn work and experience the varied country life.

Farm traditions make the farm worth experiencing and are an important cultural treasure.
The various customs accompany us through the year and keep traditional knowledge alive.
The animals on the Binterhof, such as cats, rabbits, goats, chicken and the dog are always happy about getting attention of young and old. And our happy cows are still able to live out their natural needs. Weekly guided farm tours.

Immerse yourself in the traditional world of a farm and get charmed by the calm and peace of this place.

Farmhouse „stube“:

In our Tyrolean “Stube” we pamper you with a rich breakfast buffet or á la carte, partly with products from our own farm: for example fresh eggs from happy chicken, homemade jam and marmalade and other products from KM 0.
According to the motto BIO and healthy.

Domestic animals

For your four-legged family members we charge 10,00 - 20,00 € per day (food is not included)
Please bring your own basket or blanket for your pet.
Out of consideration for our guests, pets are allowed only after arrangement!

Warming up, resting, indulging...

Small gym- “No pain, no gain”

Animals and small children are natures mirror.

Animals/ mini zoo:

The hum of bees is the voice of the garden.

NEW- Beekeeping directly at the farm:
Since spring 2023 we have thousands of new hardworking employees - bees.

Did you know that...

  • the bees of one bee colony have to cover the amazing distance of 3,5 times the trip around the world in order to produce 1kg honey?
  • a single colony of bees in summer can be made up of up to 70000 bees?
  • nectar of field bees has got a life expectancy of only 3 weeks?
  • in honey up to 180 different components (30 different natural sugar types, vitamins, enzymes, inhibins, acids, trace elements) can be identified?
  • without bee pollination around 35% of human food would be missed?
  • authentic bee honey is the only natural food that is durable for several years without any additional treatment?
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Experience Kneipp

Strengthen the defenses with the healing effects of nature


Arm bath
Both arms are dipped into the water up the middle of the upper arm. Stay like this until you can feel a reaction (tingling, a light reddening of the skin).

Face bath
Put your face under water, preferably with your eyes open. After a few seconds, lift your head up again and wipe off the water.

Water treading
It is important that your feet and legs are warm before you begin this treatment. You should avoid applications immediately before and after food.

Dew treading
In the meadow you find many healing plants, in particular dew cup. The leaves are folded in the shape of a cup and early in the morning, a shiny, crystal clear pearl of dew forms in its centre.

Barefoot path
Sebastian Kneipp was particularly keen on walking barefoot. Take off your shoes and walk slowly, step by step, over the various sections of this nature trail.

Spend your farm holiday at the BIO farmhouse Binterhof and enjoy an unforgettable experience in every season!

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